Values-Based Decision Making
eLearning Course

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Build Decision Making Confidence

Head showing enhanced Values-Based and ethics rooted thinking

Enhance Your Values & Ethics Rooted Thinking

Model for learning how to make decisions that are values-based

Gain Immediate Critical Problem Solving Skills


Decisions & Values Always Intersect

Sticking to your values when faced with a conflicting choice is a developed skill
This one-of-a-kind online course is designed for business leaders and individuals who lead from a foundation of core values (or wish to).
In a handful of hours, you will learn how to:
  • Use values to think through ethical dilemmas
  • Integrate values-based, moral and ethical filters into your thinking process
  • Be confident you made the right business and life decisions

Take a minute to hear Brock Brown – an expert in values-based leadership – explain his motivation to turn his renowned two-day course into a bite-size eLearning program that everyone can benefit from.

Uncertain About
Your Core Values?

We’ve developed a free online tool that can help bring clarity and give definition to your personal belief system. When you fully define your personal values, they will guide you to lead an exemplary organization and a full personal life.

Discover Your Values

Check out some of our other resources, including brief videos on Vision, Mission and Values.

What People Are Saying

Testimonials from Values-based leaders
Professionals constantly balance personal beliefs and business pressures. If you are the type of leader that sometimes struggles with decisions where all options seem right, this course is designed to help you.

Our Values-Based Decision Making Course Gives You

  • Immediate understanding on why some choices conflict
  • Clarity on personal and corporate values and how they correlate
  • A proven thinking process to organize thoughts using values and ethical filters
  • Ability to navigate high-stake, conflicting choices and come to resolute decisions

The eLearning Breakdown

Values-Based Decision Making is designed with busy people in mind
  • 6-7 hours eLearning commitment
  • Choose your ideal learning journey
    • Organizational Leader – 7 Modules
    • Self Leader – 6 Modules
  • Conveniently experience from your office or home on your schedule
  • Choose to complete in one sitting or self-paced
  • Facilitator resources provided to support group learning and discussion

Your Learning Investment

Track 1 | Organizational Leader –  $199 per person
Track 2|  Self Leader –  $165 per person

Completion certificate and badge provided for professional development hours.

Training Certified By

Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP)

Compulsory ethics training (Code: BCRSP-ET-21-0)

Chartered Professional Human Resources (CPHR)

7 CPD Hours


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Which Learning Journey is Right For You?


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Values-Based Decision Making eLearning | Organization Leader - $199.00

The Organization Leader track is designed for senior leaders or independent learners interested in learning how to build and lead a values-based, ethical culture. This course is also approved by BCRSP for compulsory ethics training. Learn how to help create or refine an organization’s culture of leadership based principally on its core values and the core values of its associates. Achieving alignment across the leadership team and the associates on the vision, mission, and values is key to success for any organization. This course reinforces commitment by leaders learning how to operationalize and intentionally lead by values. This eLearning experience will teach attendees how to utilize their corporate and personal core values along with other ethical filters as a reference for critical daily decisions using a six-step decision making process.

Values-Based Decision Making eLearning | Self Leader - $165.00

The Self Leader track is designed for those leaders looking to define personal core values and develop critical decision making skills to make consistent ethical choices. Participants will learn to define personal core values, apply personal and corporate values on a daily basis, as well as assess and provide feedback on values alignment in the organization. This eLearning experience will teach attendees how to utilize their personal core values along with other ethical filters as a reference for critical daily decisions using a six-step decision making process.