Where it all started

Values-based leadership is the foundation on which Brock Brown, MA, CPHR, built his consulting practice, Integrity Consulting, with his wife, Jeannie, over 20 years ago. Through a combination of leadership coaching and training services, they have travelled the world and influenced thousands of people and organizations with learning and development strategies in values-based thinking.

Early in their consulting practice it became evident that making values-based decisions was a skills gap in the world of business (and life). This understanding went on to inspire a one-of-a-kind two-day course and train-the-trainer program that was offered exclusively to businesses that wanted all levels of their organization to gain improved awareness and practice in the application of corporate core values into daily decisions.

The proprietary training was a great success being delivered to 10,000+ leaders around the world. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive that resulted in them helping their clients build engaged, winning cultures with loyal customer bases and profitable bottom lines. The real icing on the cake was when participants reached out individually with heartfelt thanks for the experience, regularly citing how impactful Values-Based Decision Making was to their personal lives and families.

Integrity’s long-term vision is to provide people in every community and nation the tools to ethically change their world for good. A big calling that now draws nearer with a condensed, self-paced learning experience that anyone can access to improve upon practical life skills that few formally learn.

Meet Integrity Consulting
Brock Brown of Integrity Consulting
Brock Brown, MA, CPHR
Principal Consultant and Co-Owner
Jeannie Brown of Integrity Consulting
Jeannie Brown