Values-Based Decision Making

What is our Channel Partner Program?

Thank you for your interest in our Channel Partner program. A Channel Partner is a 3rd party organization or individual and must be a Limited company or sole proprietorship whose primary revenue generation occurs through consulting, coaching and/or training in the leadership or human services field.

Our Channel Partners are committed to serving their customers to develop leadership competency, and wish to offer Values-Based Decision Making (See below) to those customers. 

This page will provide you with preliminary details on our program and allow you to begin the sign-up process yourself. 

Why Values-Based Decision Making?

Since early 2001 Values-Based Decision Making (VBDM) has been the foundational leadership training program for most of our customers. It all starts with VBDM, as a means to define and execute on the culture that would support leadership skills development and execution. It brings corporate and personal values, ethics and decision making into the daily discussion and decision process of all team members, in a system of team based accountability that starts at the C-suite. The program is designed to allow training discussion to be customized to the client’s organization and corporate values. It has been delivered to over 10,000 executives and their associates on five continents, including our first customer who trained over 3000 executives and associates in the eight years we worked with them. Most of our customers have made Values-Based Decision Making compulsory training for all of their associates and supervisors. The nature of the subject matter and the often tough discussions it can lead to with self-reflecting leaders, will establish or reaffirm our Channel Partners as “trusted advisors”. 

In 2021 the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals audited and approved VBDM (OL) to meet the requirements for compulsory ethics training for its members. We are continually approaching a variety of Professional Associations to consider VBDM for the Professional Development of their members. 

Over the years we have been asked by participants how we can make the course available for their family and friends. This new eLearning format is intended to bring the training to individuals and corporate teams alike. Corporate delivery can be complemented with a learning journey that includes facilitated micro debriefs, and application based assignments and discussions. We provide all the facilitation resources to our channel partners free of charge, through an updated cloud-based delivery system. Channel Partners negotiate facilitation fees directly with their clients. 

Our Vision is to “Provide people in every community and nation the tools to ethically change their world for good” (see HERE for more).  We realize we cannot achieve this vision on our own. We need to partner with like minded people and equip and trust them to bring this training to their client base, then reward them with industry leading financial incentives for their success.

What is the process?

Step 1: Review this page and complete the Channel Partner Application.

Step 2: You will receive your new Channel Partner information, which includes our Channel Partner Enablement Guidelines and tiered discount levels. Once you have reviewed and agreed to the Channel Partner Enablement guidelines, you will be required to complete an interview with our team and if successful complete a Reciprocal Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Step 3: Prior to reviewing and signing the Channel Partner Agreement Contract, you will be required to pay for and complete the Values-Based Decision Making (Organizational Leader) course. 

Step 4: Join the Linkedin Values-Based Decision Making Group to say hello to your VBDM peers and start networking with them. Purchase and assign course credits to your customer at your contract tiered level discount rate.

Partnership Application

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Why Values-Based Decision Making